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FPyIC Group Corp. 


Participaciones financieras y inversiones de capital 

Specializing in Performance Bond , SBLC , LoI, Financial Instruments



FPyIC Group Corp. is a leading provider of financial and insurance instruments in trade transactions. We provide facilities types of Documentary Letters of Credit: Documentary Letter of Credit or DLC (Letter of Credit or LC), Usance Letter of Credit or Deferred Letter of Credit, Export Letter of Credit, Packing Credit and Types of Guarantees: Letter of Guarantee, Standby Letter of Guarantee or SBLC, Tender Guarantee, Performance Guarantee or Performance Bond. Other financial instruments which are sometimes used as part of a financial trade transaction can include the following: Proof of Funds and Ready, Willing and Able or RWA.

Our Services focus on Trade Financing and Project financing where are we meet the needs of international clients, supporting them in carrying out transactions with speed, efficiency and security. 

FPyIC Group Corp. successfully maximizes our client’s working capital and bolsters their cash flow. In keeping with our mission statement, FPyIC Group Corp. tailors each financial solution to meet the requirements of each transaction. By providing the highest quality services to clients and partners, we maintain an unparalleled reputation among the international trade community.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a trader, an importer, an introducer, a consultant, or a broker; we will be happy to help you with your transactions.



Customer goals become our goals by working in synergy to achieve common and shared purposes. We believe in the value of their projects and provide them with the most complete consultation, to ensure the success of their business and offer them the peace of mind they need solidity,  reliability and decades of international experience allow us to provide customized solutions, responding to every need in the banking and insurance field, within an international context. Each complexity is transformed into an opportunity for improvement and business growth for our customers. Our group of experts have come together to bring alternative finance to the emerging markets and make world markets accessible to all business people, entrepreneurs and traders. Our goal is to bring accessible finance for the growing economies.  FPyIC Group Corp. has access to SWIFT where we harness the global financial network to expand the potential of our client’s transactions. In recent years we have steadily grown our international presence, with a focus on the growing markets in the Asia Pacific, Middle East, Oceania and Africa.
It doesn’t matter whether you are a trader, an importer, an introducer, a consultant, or a broker; we will be happy to help you with your transactions.



FPyIC Group Corp. 


Registered Office 


16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes,

Delaware 19958,

County of Sussex, USA.

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